We Are



  • To provide quality education based global accreditation standards, fulfilling the requirements of the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and Ministry of Education (MOE).

  • To offer career opportunities in relevant fields as well as path ways for students to pursue degree courses at public or private institutions.

  • To provide a working environment that is conductive to systematic working practice and procedures.

  • To ensure that the staff of Queens College is dedicated and committed in meeting deadlines efficiently.

  • To serve the community by improving and uplifting the society, economy, maintaining the integrity of ethnicities, and sustaining the value of cultures of our beloved nation, Malaysia.

  • To help generate the nation’s economy by creating more opportunities for employment.

  • To offer knowledgeable and skillful employees with entrepreneurship expertise.


The philosophy of Queens College is based on the belief that higher education with necessary academic knowledge, global exposure, soft skills and industry skills will encourage the development of the student’s character and behavior. This will thereby produce innovative and creative graduates that will fulfill the industry aspirations. Queens College is always committed in materializing its Philosophy of Education throughout its life time effort and is always in associate with the Malaysian National Education Philosophy.