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Instead of solely focusing on academic matters, Queens College believe that in order to be successful in life or in any particular career, the graduate must also have an equilibrium of skills, experience and fitness in all aspects of life; namely spiritual, emotional, social, physical and mental.

The balance of all these factors will enable the graduate to deal and cope with any critical problem encountered either in life or career.

Since the trend in global education is always changing rapidly with new ideas, theories, concepts, techniques, scopes and other relevant matters. Queens College will always be alert and be up to date in dealing with any change in development of global education.


  • Providing infrastructure conductive to everyone in order to shape excellent skills in creative and strategic thinking.

  • Possessing and excellent organizational system and offering a professional team of management and administrators with sound financial portfolio to ensure that the operational flow is always smooth, consistent and continuous.

  • Developing and producing knowledgeable human capital in various fields, who are very competent in the field of creative and innovative oriented entrepreneurship, at par with the industry requirements.

  • Offering courses in which its quality is accredited and recognized by MQA (Malaysian Qualification Agency) and MOHE (Ministry of Higher Education).