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Peace be upon you

As the world continues to change, it is important for us to receive a formal education in higher educational institutions. Even though some believe that academic qualifications are not everything, they are important to get ahead. Having a piece of qualification paper is a ticket that gives us many chances of success in the future.

We keep hearing the view that an academic degree and a certificate are no guarantee that we will be successful in life. The late Steve Jobs (the founder of Apple), Bill Gates (the founder of Microsoft) and also Mark Zuckerberg (the founder of Facebook) are always cited as examples who did not have a college education but were successful in their respective fields. But can we simply make such comparisons without considering other factors?

In a simple analysis, the well-meaning group would say that if you want to start your own business, you can be successful without academic qualifications. What counts is determination and continuous effort.

In general, I do not deny at all that a person who does not have higher education can be successful in the business or enterprise he or she is pursuing. However, the percentage is very small. Perhaps the "sustenance and elements" factor, who knows, has a big part in this scenario.

Continuing our education up to the college level is a process in which we delve into a scientific field by following a specific scientific discipline. For example, when we study at a college or college, we must attend lectures given by qualified instructors. Moreover, the subjects and topics presented are in accordance with the curriculum set by the Malaysian Eligibility Agency, better known as MQA. Consequently, the subjects and topics offered to the community are of good quality and meet the current standards of the job market.


Queens College Kuala Lumpur (QCKL) was established in 2013 and is one of the colleges under the FELDA panel. The aim of establishing QCKL is to offer degree programs in Malaysia and abroad with minimal tuition fees. All QCKL programs have received a certificate of accreditation from the Malaysian Eligibility Agency (MQA). This means that graduates of QCKL can continue their studies at any public or private college in Malaysia or abroad.

An Arabic proverb says that if we are friends with the iron maker, we will feel the heat of the ice. However, if we are friends with a perfume seller, the scent of money will stick to us. This means that as human beings, we can easily be influenced by the people around us. We must choose our friends and the atmosphere around us wisely to acquire a positive attitude. When we attend college or college, we will meet many smart, hardworking, innovative and creative people. Indirectly, we will imitate these attitudes. These values are of great use not only in school, but also in our daily life and future. A person who is light-hearted and helpful will certainly be appreciated more by those around him than someone who is lazy, agitated and cheats others. In short, the goal of a higher level is not only to acquire knowledge, but also to develop good character and other skills such as communication and dealing with others.





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