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Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

TVET destination introduced? The purpose of TVET is to meet industry demand and contribute to economic growth, in line with globalization, knowledge-based economics, technological advances and global labor mobility. TVET by adopting an industry-led approach is critical to providing the industry with the necessary human capital, especially to support the transition of the economic sector towards knowledge-based activities, in line with the aspiration of being a developed nation in 2020. Agencies and institutions involved with TVET? Two public TVET institutions were established in 1964 to provide skills training to youth, the Institute of Youth and Country Skills (IKBN) Old Hamlet and Industrial Training Institute (ILP) Kuala Lumpur. Today more than 500 public TVET institutions offer a variety of TVET programs for all levels of education. TVET target group / focus? In general, there are two routes to enter the TVET field through the Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) or Form 3 Assessment (PT3). SPM graduates have the opportunity to further their studies in either the Certificate field or the Diploma in high-skilled TVET programs. In addition, for students with less academic and youthful interests outside the education system there is also a special program of the National Dual Training Certificate and System (SLDN). What are the privileges that come with when pursuing a degree in TVET? TVET program graduates are able to master their knowledge and practical skills better than academic program graduates. This advantage has the potential to open up more job opportunities and attract employers to offer jobs to TVET graduates.

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