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Desktop Publishing (SKM 2)
Graphic Design (SKM 3)

PR-024-2:2012 (SKM 2)
PR-024-3:2012 (SKM 3)


1 year 6 months





About the Course

In the context of the National Employment Skills Standard (NOSS), the program name is:

Desktop Publishing Artist (PR-024-2:2012) – SKM Level 2 Graphic Design (PR-024-3:2012) – SKM Level 3.

Graphic Design based on NOSS is more for the printing graphics industry. Graphic Design involves in composing arts on magazines, newspapers, journals, corporate reports and other types of publication. As a graphic designer, he or she produce art designs for promotional displays, product’s packaging and marketing brochures especially in creating and developing company’s logos and brands in biggest context. The widely used of internet as major way to attract and introduce consumers or buyers of certain products, the graphic designer is highly needed in order to create stylish and groovy website, brand and advertisement to captivate netizens (internet users/consumers) to buy products as per displayed. In addition, graphic design’s skill also demanded in interactive media and multimedia projects in which it need personnel who are talented, creative, eyedetail in every aspect of what he or she already designed. With this, students will be better prepared to face all the problems in preparing quality printed material designs when they are in the real world of work.

The Graphic Designer Course conducted here is to produce competitive skilled workers as well as enhance the skills of industrial workers to enable them to contribute more effectively towards the development of the country.

Education Pathway

Upon completion of the Graphic Design course that qualifies you for SKM Level 2 and SKM Level 3 in this field, you can:

  • (SKM3) – Extend the course to a higher level of Malaysia's Diploma of Skills (Level 4) Printing Operation Management Academic Diploma in any institution recognized local and private higher education throughout Malaysia and abroad.

If you are interested in becoming a vocational teacher / skills teacher, you further study into vocational teacher courses @ VTO.

Curriculum & Modules

ET x400h.png

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Course Requirements

  • 15 years old and above

  • Citizens of Malaysia

  • Can read, write and count

  • No SPM qualification is required

Career Prospects

  • Graphic Designer

  • Corporate Designer

  • Interior Designer

  • Design Consultant

  • Packaging Designer

  • Digital Image Artist

  • Event Designer

  • Illustrator

  • Layout Artist

  • Creative Director

  • Sales Promotion Designer

  • Advertising Agancies & Publishing Agancies

  • In-House Designer

  • Graduate may work in a range of profession related to Advertising, Publishing, Packaging Design or Printing

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