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Office Administration (SKM 3)
Administrative Management (DKM 4)

N821-001-3:2020 (SKM 3)
FB-025-4:2012 (DKM 4)


3 years





About the Course

In the context of the National Employment Skills Standard (NOSS), the program name is:   OFFICE ADMINISTRATION (N821-001-3:2020) – SKM Level 3 AND ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT (FB-025-4:2012) – DKM Level 4. However, for the purpose of abbreviation, we name it as Office management only.

This office management course may change your future. It will allow you to experience a career that is always in demand. However, not everyone knows the benefits. Office administration is a set of day-to-day activities that are related to record keeping & billing, financial planning, personnel, physical distribution and logistics, within an organization.

An employee that undertakes these activities is commonly called an office administrator or office manager, and plays a key role in any organization’s infrastructure, regardless of the scale. An office administrator has the responsibility of ensuring that the administrative activities within an organization run efficiently, by providing structure to other employees throughout the organization. These activities can range from being responsible for the management of human resources, budgets and records, to undertaking the role of supervising other employees.

Education Pathway

Upon completion of the office administration course that qualifies you for Level 4 or academic diploma in any institution recognized local and private higher education throughout Malaysia and abroad.

  • (DKM) – Extend your undergraduate degree at IPTA/IPTS.

If you are interested in becoming a vocational teacher / skills teacher, you further study into vocational teacher courses @ VTO.

Curriculum & Modules

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Course Requirements

  • 15 years old and above

  • Citizens of Malaysia

  • Can read, write and count

  • No SPM qualification is required

Career Prospects

  • Executive Officer

  • Personal Assistant

  • Executive Secretary

  • Admin Executive

  • Database Administrator

  • Office Assistant

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